Obtain a Quote

Guru Granite provides free estimates based on your provided kitchen layout. Follow these simple steps to measuring your countertops and email to: INFO@GURUGRANITE.COM.

How to Measure Your Countertops

1. Create a sketch of your countertops.

2. Measure length of countertop along back wall and note on sketch.

3. Measure length of countertop along front edge and note on sketch.

4. Measure depth of countertop and note on sketch.

5. Measure islands or peninsulas, noting the amount of overhang.

6. Denote all finished edges (edges requiring a finished polish) with an “X”.

7. Mark locations of appliances.

8. Note the general location of the sink and cooktop (if applicable).

9. Indicate the material selected, sinkhole type (undermount, drop in or apron), whether you would like a granite backsplash, and any other pertinent information and email to: info@gurugranite.com.

Stone Ordering Procedure

  1. Estimate: Email or fax us a legible drawing and dimensions of your kitchen or bathroom and we will provide a free estimate. Final pricing will be based on actual field measurements and assessment of conditions at time of measure/template.
  2. Material Selection: We recommend all material to be viewed in person before placing an order.  If visiting one of our distributors, let them know you are working with Guru Granite and they will convey your choices to us at the end of your visit.
  3. Scheduling Measure/Template & Placing a Deposit: Once you have received your estimate and have agreed to a price, please notify us and we will schedule a measure/template. We require a 50% deposit to hold material and place your job onto our schedule. Please note, typical template/measure lead time is 1 week, and 2 weeks from template/measure to install, but keep in mind the time may be affected by our current job schedule.  Please stay in touch with our office as to template/measure dates, progress of the job, and any delays you anticipate.
  4. At the time of the measure/template: The customer or the customer’s responsible party should be on site. All cabinets must be level and in their final resting place, including all fillers and skins if applicable. Anything requiring a hole or cutout must be on the job site. This includes all sinks, faucets, cooking appliances, soap dispensers, instant hot faucets, etc. We will need to take your sink with us to ensure best fit.
  5. At the time of installation: The customer or the customer’s responsible party should be on site during installation to inspect the finished work performed as well as provide final payment.